Powered by UHF RFID.

Ultra High Frequency Radio IDentification

What is UHF RFID?

UHF RFID systems are comprised of three main components; chips, readers, and software.


  • Chips do not require batteries, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi
  • Chips come in different styles and materials, such as paper labels, shipping labels, embedded into clothing, plastic, etc
  • Low cost


  • Readers can power and read the chips from up to 50ft away
  • Readers can be handheld or stationary in your facility
  • A system of readers can handle 100,000+ active tags

VastVision Unlocks the Full Capabilities of UHF RFID

This gives you the ability track everything, in real time, all in one place.
Inventory Management

Mass upload your inventory using our excel sheet upload tool, easily print tags, then begin tracking.

Tools & Equipment

By placing tags in your tools and equipment you will be able to track them throughout your facility.

Employee Management

Use UHF RFID badges and clothing to track your employees in your facility and job sites.

Job Management

Assign tools/equipment, employees, and inventory to specific jobs and watch them happen in real time.

Live View

Your birds eye view of your facility; watch all your tagged assets move throughout your operation.

Printing & Encoding

Easily print information on chips directly from all of your inventory, tools/equipment, and employees.

VastVision is partnered with major UHF RFID hardware providers and can help design your system A-Z.


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Our software solution is available on a subscription basis, with different pricing tiers based on the level of functionality and support required.

When building your pricing model we consider:

  • Number of RFID devices on your system
  • Number of daily active chips
  • Which features you include in your software package

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